Glitch 2.1.4 Windows Demo

Important Notice

You are about to download a demo version of this software for evaluation purposes.

By downloading and/or running the software, you automatically accept the license agreement terms and conditions.

Glitch Licensing Agreement


In his capacity as legal proprietor, Kieran Foster (hereafter "the licensor") grants the licensee of the "Glitch" computer programme, including all integral parts thereof pursuant to Paragraph 1, No. 1 of this agreement (hereafter "software"), the right to use the software. The licensee may use this software solely in accordance with the following conditions.

§ 1 Purpose

  1. The purpose of this agreement is:
    1. when acquiring the full version: the current version of the computer programme intended for sale at the time of purchase, including all parts, in particular the operating instructions;
    2. when testing the demo version: the version of the computer programme in each licensee's possession intended for testing and limited in its range of functions, including all parts, in particular the operating instructions.
  2. The licensor has all the rights to the software. In this agreement, the licensor grants the licensee the right to use the software.

§ 2 Scope of the Rights of Use

  1. The licensor hereby gives the licensee a simple, non-exclusive, permanent, worldwide, non-sub-licensable right to the software which is linked to the licensee's person (hereafter "the licence"). All those rights not expressly transferred, in particular rights to publish, reproduce, process and patent rights, remain with the licensor. This agreement governs the precise content of this licence.
  2. If the licensee acquires the software on a data carrier put into circulation by the licensor, it will only acquire ownership to the data carrier, not the software itself. Rights to the software will be oriented exclusively to this agreement.

§ 3 Content of the Licence

  1. The licensee may install the software on as many computers as it wishes for its own use. The licensee may reproduce the installed software permanently or temporarily, wholly or partially, if and as long as the loading, running, transferring or storing the computer programme requires reproducing.
  2. The licensee is required to ensure that, at no time, anyone other than he himself works with an installation of the software. Installation in networks is also permissible under this condition. Simultaneous use of several installations of the software by the licensee personally is permitted.
  3. Apart from installation, the licensee may make copies of the software for backup purposes to the required and usual extent.

§ 4 Transferability of the Licence

  1. The transfer of the licence to third parties is only permitted if the third party agrees to be bound by all rights and duties arising from this licensing agreement. In this case the licensee is required to inform the licensor of the transfer of the licence; the licensor will then supply the third party with a personalised original of the software.
  2. The licensee will then be required to hand over the complete original software and destroy immediately all copies in his possession. Installed and electronically stored copies are to be deleted in such a way that they cannot be recreated.

§ 5 Copyright

  1. The software is protected by copyright. All copyright remains with the licensor.
  2. Copyright notes and registration numbers may be removed neither from the software itself nor from any back-up copies.

§ 6 Express Forbidden Uses

  1. The licensee is expressly forbidden to:
    1. alter, translate, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the software.
    2. translate, process, arrange or rework the software, including its component parts;
    3. create derivative works of the software, including its component parts.
    4. copy, reproduce or disseminate the software, partially or wholly, in its original or altered form unless this agreement specifically permits something else. This also expressly includes dissemination included in other software or mixed with other software and wired or wireless public broadcasting of, or permitting access to, the software.
  2. The provision in Paragraph 2 No. 1 of this agreement remains unaffected.

§ 7 Breach of Licence, Forfeiture

  1. If the licensee breaches the conditions of this licensing agreement, all rights of use granted will expire. In this case he will be required to immediately destroy the original software and any back-up copies or, if requested, return them to the licensor. Installations and electronically stored copies are to be deleted in such a way that they cannot be recreated.
  2. The licensee is liable to the licensor for all damage arising from breaches of this agreement.

§ 8 Liability of the Licensor

  1. The licensor is liable in cases of intent and gross negligence as provided by law. He is also liable in case of negligent breaches of duty whose fulfilment makes possible the due performance of this agreement at all, the breach of which endangers the achieving of the purpose of the agreement and on whose observation the acquirer regularly relies. In the case or negligent breach of such duties, liability is limited to the foreseeable damage typical in agreements of this type.
  2. The licensor is not liable in cases of minor breaches of other duties.
  3. The above liability exemptions do not apply in cases of death, injury or illness.